Martel from Fullmetal Alchemist. (Damn!) You could put that shit on camera and I would think it was a live-action FMA TV show. Pretty nice-lookin.

I like cosplay a lot, I really do. But I like stuff like this, that uses natural materials/apparel/hair styling to give a really good impression of what a character would look like in live-action. Most of what gets passed around online is the super-polished but super-literal flat-color cottons from Hobby Lobby tailored into a uniform that is the perfect ridiculous imitation of a cartoon, topped off with a giant perfectly shaped shiny wig.

That stuff is impressive in its own right and all, but it bores me personally. As a representation of a character, it unfortunately puts me off like a giant mascot costume at a theme park might. My point is, I have the cartoon for the cartoon, so turning it into a literal flat recreation on a real human seems redundant to me. Stuff that looks like real clothes on a real person, that you could put on camera and believe was a live-action version of the story, that shit’s awesome.

If there’s a cosplay ring or tumblr or something that specializes in *that stuff,* point me to it, I wanna see more of that.

Agreeing with everything you said. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a cosplayer who said “do you wanna be 100% accurate and look silly? Or 90% accurate and look amazing”

I have no idea if I can find a photo of it, but a few years at Otakon, I saw an AMAZING Roy Mustang and the whole reason he looked so fucking good was that instead of that Egyptian Blue fabric that they have in the anime, he made the creative choice to go with a Navy Blue. He looked awesome, and like a professional member of a military, as opposed to well… a fucking cartoon character.  

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Questionglad to hear your mom is okay. I'd like to tell you that she is very lucky, not many people survive Stage 4 (my aunt, may she rest in peace) lost to colon cancer 6 months ago and it was very sad to see her slowly loose her health, until she didn't want her children to see her (I wasn't supposed to see her either, but she was pure bone when she took her last breath). Answer

you have my deepest sympathies. I didn’t mention this in the original write up, but I lost my Father to cancer, he was gone in a matter months so I’m very sorry for your loss. As my Mother would say “FUCK CANCER!” 

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Yaoi and Yuri is an industry that is made for heterosexual women. Yuri pops up over again in girls media as a representation of adolescence or “immaturity”. In Japan there is a belief that you arn’t a “true woman” until marriage and children. So in young girls…


Lagertha II 02x08 ‘Boneless


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